Advantages of Open Source Software in Frontend Development

Open source software is an undeniable entity in almost every sector. Be it telecommunication systems, accounting, inventory management or anything for that matter open source software has become mandatory. Speaking of various industries, one of the sectors that largely depend on open source software is frontend development. 

Using open source software, state of the art software systems can be built. All it takes is knowledge and expertise in the field. With system integration the new applications that are developed can be integrated to the already existing ones. It goes without say that open source software has a lot of positive impact on the organizations. It brings in a lot of advantages which we will see in detail. 

Lessening Hardware Costs :

The portability of open source software is very easy and they can be compressed. When compared to the hardware required for servers, the open source hardware is very less. The simple example that can be given is the comparison between Linux and Windows. Linux can run without any lags in a system with lesser configuration. But that is not the case in windows. To put it in simple words, it can be easily said that with lesser and cheaper hardware the end result can be achieved. 

High Quality Software :

It is a well known fact that open source software is of high quality. They are designed without any flaws and hence can run without any glitches. It is very evident that most of the coders also prefer open source as the quality of the work that is produced is better. The availability of the source code makes it even more special. The quality of the output rendered is one of the main reasons why most of the organizations prefer open source. 

No Vendor Lock-In :

One of the biggest issues that most of the IT companies face is the vendor lock ins. Some of the issues that it brings in are lack of portability, high license fees and the obstacles that one needs to cross while customizing the software accordingly. All of these above mentioned disadvantages can be easily addressed with open source software. They are more efficient in every possible aspect that you can think of. 

Integrated management :

The usage of open source software brings in the benefit of integrated management. To put is simple words the management is not centralized. It is distributed and hence management becomes much easier. Open source software uses Common Information Model (CIM) and Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM). These technologies allow you to integrate the management and pull in together entities like server, applications, service and workstation management. The integration of the management ultimately saves a lot of time and which results in better production with quality work. 

License Management :

It is a well known fact that license management is one of the hardest tasks. Open source software makes the entire process of license management an easy one. It is one of the worries that can take the back seat. There is no constraint when it comes to the number of times the software can be installed. You can also use the software from any location. This eliminates certain processes in the work flow like monitoring, tracking and most important of all license compliance. If you take the bigger picture, it saves time and money. More people will be able to access the software which will make the work simpler. 

Less Software Cost :

In every business cost reduction is always one of the key agendas. But cost reduction should not be the outcome of rendering poor quality service or product. This is where open source software comes into play. Using open source software in frontend development or in any other field for that matter reduces the expense up to a considerable level. Even though open source software has a lot of advantages to it, cost reduction is one of the main choices why most of the companies prefer open source software. 

Support :

The support that you get from open source software or tools is something that will definitely stand out from the rest. It is available for free. It is because most of the support of open source software is from the communities. The support cannot be limited to just guiding you through the doubts that you have. If you point out the errors, the community members will be ready to address it at the earliest. There are many discussion forums where you can get all the technical help that you need. Support for the open source software is the last thing that you need to worry about.

Scaling the organization :

With open source software at your disposal, it will definitely help to scale the organization. With a lot of options like clustering, high load balancing and wide range of open source applications like email and database makes the work easier. Using open source software is without a doubt an asset to your organization.


The points that have been mentioned above are just the crust of it. Open source software brings a lot more advantages than you can ever imagine. Hence do not have second thoughts for using open source software or tools. It will definitely benefit you in many ways. 

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