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In a literal sense, a framework can be described as an obstruction that provides the genetic functionality of a software or a platform which can be modified by adding additional lines of code. The same definition extends to JavaScript. JavaScript frameworks enable programmers to manipulate functions and deploy them according to their convenience.

There are a lot of JavaScript frameworks that are available for designing websites and applications, and given that these two are the epicenter is of today’s business in technology, it is quite acceptable for these JavaScript frameworks to dominate the market. These scripts can also be made responsive to devices and screen sizes. Given all these attributes, there are a lot of Java scripts that are available in the market period let us look at some of the best that you can use for designing your app or your business website.

Angular JS

It would be a surprise if the list of best JavaScript did not start with Angular JS. It has been decided to be one of the most powerful and efficient JavaScript frameworks ever! It is considered to be the best for building single page applications. It has the capability to extend HTML into the application and it interprets the attributes to perform data binding. If it has been adopted by leading technology companies like PayPal and has been backed up by some of the biggest names in the corporate world like Google, it has to be nothing short of stunning!

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React JS

If Google comes up with something, then Facebook has to catch up with it! In the same way, just like how Google came up with Angular JS, Facebook created its own JavaScript framework called React JS period it is used to develop and operate dynamic user interfaces of webpages that need to handle high traffic. It makes use of the virtual DOM and the integration with any app is simple and straightforward!


Vancouver might have been the newest kid on the block developed only in 2016. However, it has made its mark and has established itself to be a remarkable development by providing various features period one of its biggest advantages has to be that you will integration mode which can help in the creation of high-end single page application. Vancouver is the go to platform when it comes to developing cross platform applications.


Ember is a senior to Vancouver by just a year. It has started to gain popularity and has seen widespread applications, and one of the biggest contributors of this popularity has been the two-way data binding. It helps establish a reliable platform for handling complicated user interfaces. The fact that LinkedIn, Netflix and a lot of other popular websites use Ember is a resounding testimony to its effectiveness.


It might not be as popular as the rest of the frameworks that we saw until now on the list. However, it has its own niche of applications that make it cover a significant portion of software development. It helps in a lot of areas including bank and development, database management, business logic and front end rendering.

Node JS

Node JS is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment that works on multiple platforms and is open source. It is capable of driving a synchronous input-output with its event-driven architecture. It works in runtime environments and it has been known to exhibit a lot of properties similar to Java-like threading, packages and looping.


Although there are a lot of other JavaScripts is like polymer and Aurelia, they can find their mentions only as members of this elite list. Most of the websites that we know today have been compiled in one of the above mentioned Java scripts. The number can be expected to grow in the future as the manifestations of JavaScript might enter into a lot of new-age technologies like blockchain and the internet of things. Anything said, the core of all the JavaScript frameworks is bound to be similar if not the same. Mastering one of the many JavaScript is available can be a great move to equip yourself and your organization to what the future might hold!

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