Frontend & Backend Development – The Difference

Be it a web page or an app, the development process can be segregated in to two major types. They are front end development and backend development. Before deciding on whether you want to be a frontend developer or a backend developer, it is important to know the difference between these two. There are dedicated frontend development companies and firms that concentrate on backend processes.

What is Frontend Development ?

Frontend development is also referred to as the client side development. The process of frontend development involves various processes. There are some specific tools for frontend development.  Some of them include code analysis, design, and debugging the applications. Their development process must result in producing engaging user experience. The complete authority of what will be visible on the browser lies in the hands of the front end developer. To put in simple words the responsibility of the how the site appears and the feel that it renders falls to the frontend developers.

What is Backend Development ?

Many have this perception that backend development is not as important as the frontend development. But the fact is that backend development is more the pillars the supports frontend. Some of the work of the backend development includes monitoring and ensuring the functioning, and making necessary changes from time to time. There are three parts in backend development. They are server, application and the database. The backend developers write the codes that communicates the information to the browser. The entities that are not visible to your eyes like database and servers are the responsibility of the backend developers. They in general called as programmers or web developers.

Programming Language

Frontend Development:

Some of the most common frontend development programming languages include HTML, CSS, JavaScript and lot more. The scenes in the frontend development are never constant. What programming language is in trend today will not in trend tomorrow. For example jQuery which was ruling the frontend development sector is gradually going out of trend. As of now JavaScripts are preferred by the majority of the developers.

Backend Development:

Even though the majority of the backend developers are well versed in frontend development languages the most commonly used language in the backend development process are Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails and .Net. The main focus of backend developers is the speed and response of the particular product.

Commercials Involved:

Frontend development and backend development are integral parts of the IT industry. Be it mobile apps, web applications or any software for that matter, it is mandatory that proper development process needs to be carried out. If the work is being carried out in-house pricing will not be an issue. But the same time if it is being outsourced pricing of the services rendered will play a very important role while taking decisions. There is no thumb rule that can be followed when it comes to pricing aspect because it depends on numerous parameters and the kind of service that is offered.

Design and Development:

It goes without saying that the design and the development part are the ones that consumes the majorly of the cost. Be it a person or a team that is working on the development process, they are paid comparatively high then most of the other resources.  There might be instances where the cost will vary according to the platform in which the development work is carried out. For example there are three main stream platforms where majority of the development process is carried out. They are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Maintenance is more like the after math. If there is any issue in the future or if there is requirement of any update it has to be carried out. Even though maintenance does not cost much, it is a recurring expenditure which can be monthly or yearly expense. The maintenance team is also responsible to protecting from all kind of cyber attacks. They are on full alert if there is new update that is launched as there is high possibility of the product to crash because of various entities.


Even though majority of the clients market their own product or services there are instances where marketing will also be outsourced. Based on the requirement, the price needs to be estimated. The number of people that has to be reached and the platforms in which the marketing has to be carried out plays a very important role. It is because the entire marketing cost is totally based on that.


Front development and backend development are interdependent on each other. Both are an integral parts of the development process. One cannot function as a single entity. If any process is being outsourced it is important that these parameters has to be taken into consideration so that proper decisions can be taken.

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