Frontend Development – A Complete Guide

Frontend development is in the forefront of the IT sector. From big brands to startups everyone in one way or the other is dependent on frontend development. Needless to say a staunch web presence has become mandatory to scale any business. Be it a website or a mobile application everything comes under the umbrella of frontend development. 

Now that the importance of frontend development has been addressed, the majority of the population has no idea about different aspects of frontend development. In this article, we will see in detail about some of the important aspects of frontend development. 

What is Frontend Development?

Frontend development is also called as the client side development. The process of frontend development involves various processes. There are some specific tools for frontend development.  Some of them include code analysis, design, and debugging the applications. Their development process must result in producing engaging user experience. The complete authority of what will be visible on the browser lies in the hands of the front end developer. To put in simple words the responsibility of how the site appears and the feel that it renders falls to the frontend developers. 

Programming Language :

Some of the most common frontend development programming languages include HTML, CSS, JavaScript and lot more. The scenes in the frontend development are never constant. What programming language is in trend today will not be in trend tomorrow. For example jQuery which was ruling the frontend development sector is gradually going out of trend. As of now JavaScripts are preferred by the majority of the developers. 

Front End Development Tools :

When it comes to frontend development it is a never ending debate of which is the best frontend development tool and front end technologies. This discussion has been going on for many years. There is no answer to that because everything burns down to perspectives as different frontend developers will have different opinions. Here we have curated some of the best angular development tools. 

MDB – Material Design Bootstrap :

It is the most popular framework across the developers’ community. When it comes to building responsive applications MDB leads the race. The track record that it has is the evident testimony of its capabilities. Compared to most of the other tools in the frontend development MDB brings in a lot of features that makes the development process easy for most of the developers. 

WebDataRocks :

WebDataRocks is a free JavaScript library. Some of the top Front End development companies use WebDataRocks. It is one the most preferred for web reporting and analysis. Even though it is a tool it is an embedded component which aids in visualizing data as a part of your website or an application. It can be integrated with modern frameworks and libraries. Using a rich API the reports can be customized. For localizing you can use prepared wrappers. The configured reports can be saved, exported or shared. 

Novi Builder :

The important aspect about Novi Builder is that it is a drag and drop builder. Any experienced developer would definitely opt for it. The changes in the core design can be made easily. Developers will have access to source code for the sole purpose of making changes. The functionalities can also be changed easily. Even though the beginners will consider it to be a bit difficult, it brings in a numerous that can over shadow this one particular aspect. It has advanced code editor, app integration, wide range of themes, drag- and-drop interface, e-commerce support, preview tool and a lot more. 

ONE Subscription :

ONE Subscription is an exceptional and an effective web development tool. It provides an opportunity to get your hands on amazing digital tools. It is packed with extra ordinary entities which help in launching full fledged blogs landing pages, online stores and a lot more. There are already thousands of themes and templates from which you can choose.

The commercial aspects of frontend development 

Design and Development :

It goes without saying that the design and the development part are the ones that consume the majority of the cost. Be it a person or a team that is working on the development process, they are paid comparatively higher then most of the other resources. 

Maintenance :

Maintenance is more like the aftermath. If there is any issue in the future or if there is requirement of any update it has to be carried out. Even though maintenance does not cost much, it is a recurring expenditure which can be a monthly or yearly expense. 

Marketing :

Even though the majority of the clients market their own product or services there are instances where marketing will also be outsourced. Based on the requirement the price needs to be estimated. The number of people that has to be reached and the platforms in which the marketing has to be carried out plays a very important role. It is because the entire marketing cost is totally based on that. 

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