Skills to Become a Front End Developer

Becoming a frontend developer has become a fad to many who want to have a carrier in the IT industry. Frontend development companies are on the lookout for skilled frontend developers across the globe. If you are asking why front end development as a carrier? You need not have second thoughts about the fact that it is an amazing career choice as there are amazing opportunities in the domestic job market and also in the international job market. But the desire is not just enough. Any recruiter will have certain requirements in terms of skill for the recruitment. There are certain mandatory skills that a frontend developer must have. We have listed out a few in this article. 

Good Knowledge in HTML/CSS :

HTML – HyperText markup Language is the standard markup language for designing web pages. CSS- Cascading Style Sheets is used to present the document that was created using HTML. The foundation pages are created by using HTML while the lays are created with CSS. Being proficient in these two languages is essential to become a frontend developer. 

JavaScript/jQuery :

Tools play a very important role in frontend development. JavaScript is one of the most famous and reliable tools used for the frontend development process. If you are looking for having some interactive elements like audio, video, page animations JavaScript is the go to tool. JavaScript consists of libraries like jQuery. jQuery consists of a collection of plugins and extensions that make the development process easier and simpler. 

Frameworks :

A framework is a collection of files that are capable of performing different kinds of tasks in the frontend development process. The commonly used frameworks are JavaScript framework and CSS frameworks. With these frameworks you can avoid starting with an empty document and instead you can start with a code file. There are numerous frameworks available. Every framework has its strengths and weaknesses. It is important to choose the apt framework so that the development processes will fetch the expected results. 

Responsive Design :

Today sites and applications are not confined to desktops and laptops.  It can be viewed and used across different platforms like mobile and tablets. It is important that the design needs to be responsive for every device in which it is used. Being device responsive is one of the important parameters is one of the important parameters for better ranking in the search engine results.

Version Control/Git :

To put it in simple words vision control is the process of controlling the changes in the source code. It is a time saving process so that you do not have to start from the first every time you are making a change. It can also help you track changes that have been made. Vision control is one of the must have skill for frontend developers. Just imagine making changes every time you spot a bug in the testing process. This is why Version Control is given more importance. 

Testing/Debugging :

Testing is one of the important processes that is carried out before launching any software/application. It is the process that helps to spot the bugs. It is evident that there is high possibility for a bug presence as things are coded manually. Human error is very much possible. Debugging is the process of eliminating the spotted bugs in the testing process. It is to be noted that there are different methods of testing in the frontend development. Among all functional testing is more important. It is because functional testing concentrates a particular piece of functionality in a webpage. This testing ensures that everything happens according to the code. Unit testing is another method. This testing examines the smallest code bits individually. It is an added advantage for the testers to master programs like Mocha and Jasmine which can simplify the process of testing. 

Browser Developer Tool :

The majority of the modern browsers come with a developer tool. These developer tools help in testing and debugging.  You do not have to run the web pages to separate testing processes as these developer tools help to find out how the page reacts to the code. There is an inspector and a JavaScript console which lets you see the run time HTML on the page. It also lets people know what exactly is the CSS associated with each page. It also helps you edit the HTML and CSS. Live changes can be witnessed then and there. When the browser tries to run the JS code the JavaScript console helps you to view the error. 

Web Performance :

It is mandatory for a website to have flawless functioning. Web Performance can be defined as the time taken for a site to load completely. If there are issues with web performance it is mandatory to take certain steps to improve the web performance. Some of the common steps include image optimization, and magnifying CSS/JavaScript. 


The above mentioned are some of the important skills that a frontend developer has to possess. Even though it is hard to find resources in everything, every frontend developer must at least know the basics of it. In most cases separate teams take care of different processes. But a full-fledged front end developer must have deep knowledge in all the required skills.  

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