WordPress Vs Drupal

WordPress Vs Drupal

WordPress and Drupal can be considered the windows and Linux of the CMS world. The first one is extremely easy to operate and it provides users with hundreds of options. The other one is a little complicated to operate and requires some extensive knowledge. However, the flexibility can be better exploited with that knowledge. The first one is not essentially less secure but the excess availability of apps and games opens vulnerabilities. The second one, on the other hand, is a lot less vulnerable just because of its limitation in numbers and complication in usage.

All what wordpress and Drupal are about can be encapsulated in the above paragraph. Let us discuss in detail about both these are found in content management systems that made the with more democratic and accessible to the common man.

it is always better to start with the lesser known of the two. Let us look at the advantages that Drupal presents.


when it comes to security, there is no discrepancy. Drupal is, without question, the winner. Properly, what contributes to the security of Drupal is it’s numbers. There are also a few coveted sites like whitehouse.gov which were built on Drupal. The non-availability of plugins also contributes to security.

It is observed that more than 90% of the hacked websites belong to WordPress. It could probably be because people create a website and do not work on it to enhance the security. Wordpress keeps releasing security updates to maintain the integrity of data. One of the best reflections of of the enhancements provided by wordpress when it comes to security is that whitehouse.gov is now a wordpress site.

Anything said, the absolute numbers prove that Drupal is the clear winner. If you would like to create an enterprise level web app or website, it is better that you stick to Drupal.

Upgrade – where wordpress wins

Both DrupalAnd wordpress do not have a problem with the database upgrade. Both of them happen over the air without any hassle. It is just about the click of a button and nothing more. However, when it comes to the code upgrade, Drupal faces problems. Upgrading the core code of Drupal requires intense work. The database might be upgraded but there are some areas that might require complete redesign. With WordPress the upgrade happens in less than 48 hours generally, making it extremely easy for websites that are focused on content them on security.

Availability of themes and plugins

The curse of wordpress is actually a blessing in disguise. It might be true that wordpress is vulnerable to security threats because of the lavish availability of plugins and themes. However, having this many things makes it extremely easy and versatile for any user to operate a wordpress website. It gives visual diversity and even if millions of sites are built, there is still a great chance that you ask will be quite unique in the circle of your traffic.

Implementing a functionality on Drupal might be about typing lines and lines of code. However, when it comes to wordpress, there is a great chance that a simple plugin will be available to execute whatever is needed. The plugins range from simple and like setting up a contact form to managing complete eCommerce ecosystems write with WordPress.

Search engine optimisation performance

Generally, it is said that wordpress is better when it comes to Search engine optimisation performance. However, it is to be noted that search engine bots, at least that of Google, is technology agnostic. It all comes down to how the content is in terms of originality and freshness, and the quality of external links. It has never been conclusively proved that WordPress objectively performs better than Drupal.


it is quite evident that both the content management systems standard shoulder to shoulder when it comes to a lot of aspects. Therefore, it all comes down to a few factors that could fit in the fingers of a hand. If you are going to prepare security over usability, then wordpress is the clear winner. However, if you are looking to create enterprise level website and applications and putting in some effort encoding does not bother you in terms of cost and money, then Drupal is the content management system that you will need to go for!

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